The Board

2017-2018 Board

The Executive
President: Jan Coffin
Vice-President: Kelly Mullaly
Secretary: Gillian Nichol
Treasurer: Bernie Fitzpatrick
Past President: Joanne Ings
Members At Large: Kelley Abrams, Carol Craswell, Mariedith Crockett,  Michelle Noonan
Music Committee
Music Chair: Mary Olscamp
Director: Carolyn Prime
Assistant Director: Kelley Abrams
Section Leaders: Tenor: Mim Wood
Lead: Joanne Ings
Bass: Sherry McGuigan
Bari: Eileen Braidwood (acting)
Music Librarian: Nancy Bulger


Other Committees
Chorus Manager: Louise MacCormack
Costumes: Jan Coffin, Sherry McGuigan and Mary Olscamp
Liaison Officer: Isabelle Christian
Membership: Kelley Abrams
Parliamentarian: Joanne Ings
Photographer: vacant
Publicity: Nancy George, Linda MacNevin and Kelly Mullaly
Quartet Promotion: vacant
Social: vacant
Website Team: Mariedith Crockett, Linda MacNevin, and Michelle Noonan